We had an absolute blast catering our favourite Melbourne NYE festival - Camp Nong.

We've been providing food van catering for these fellas since they started the festival a few years back and we're super stoked they keep inviting us back! This most recent new years, we catered for 400+ festival goers, serving them a hearty shared meal of 6 salads (salads at a festival? I did say they were hearty yeah?) Here's what we served:

  • Seedy, herby beetroot salad
  • Carrot with harissa salad
  • Garlicky sesame cured broccoli salad
  • Pho noodle salad
  • Cauliflower tabouleh
  • Santa Fe quinoa with black beans

The kids loved em! And we had a blast serving these guys (and dancing with them afterwards). 

Nong on! (as they say).